brand builder | creative human | visual storyteller 
I am Meg Fentzloff, a creative human who enjoys bringing out the best in brands, ideas, and people. Stimulated by ideas and energized by collaboration, my passion is to craft exceptional work, grow connections, and elevate internal teams' proficiency and culture. 

I have had the good fortune to be an educator in the classroom, advocate in my community, mother in the park, and a creative leader in a sea of talent. Each of these roles has kept me committed to being my best self — living my values. 

Growing up in a family of educators helped shape my understanding of personal accountability. The arts were an ever-present inspiration from an early age, and creating with purpose paved the path for my career in design. For over a decade, as a principal in my own studio, I pursued multiple avenues to becoming a citizen designer.

Professionally I have partnered with clients in various industries and sectors, generating a blended portfolio of work. This diversity in projects and people helped me mature as a creative human while providing flexibility to become a teacher, grow as an artist, and be active in my community.

Contracting along-side a fast-growing infrastructure startup looking to scale up offered an interesting proposition: to shape the foundation of a brand, which honored the creatives and craft in a technology space. I decided to shift focus and go in-house to build a team for the last few years. Together, we brought a global brand to life through inventive internal and external experiences, supporting its accelerated growth and vision.

I am looking for new brands and people to partner with who are making a positive impact. Interested in connecting? Drop me a note.

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